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Be Like A RockStar

Be Like A RockStar

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March 19 2014
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Jason and Anne

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March 19 2014
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March 19 2014
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March 18 2014
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Carlo and Miko

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March 12 2014
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A Sunday Affair

2:18 pm
March 10 2014

Grams Diner

It’s been a while since we posted here in our blog. Topsy turvy weeks of exam for B and business related activities for me but here we go again exploring the metro for food that would satisfy our cravings. 

We went to BGC to visit the Great British Festival and after visiting some booths we decided that we can now try Gram’s Diner. It has been on our list that we wanted to try, especially their milkshake.

We ordered Whopper’s Malt. So far its #3 on B’s list. (8 Cuts still reigns supreme followed by Johnny Rockets) We also got the GRAMS World Famous Beef Tapa and Buffalo Wings called Flap it like it’s Hot!

Its a good place to eat may it be breakfast or dinner. Food is satisfying but the service is not that spectacular as we always find one waitress giving a glance on us. (creepy) haha. The interiors are of modern design along with small light bulbs. It’s a 7/10 for us.

Crossroad, 32nd St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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March 9 2014
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TIPSY PIG @ Capitol Commons

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March 7 2014

{Leo x Jam}

{Leo x Jam}

9:48 pm    
February 20 2014
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9:08 pm
January 23 2014
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